Friday, September 14, 2007

New Clock Stands

I am really excited about this project I've been working on this week. For one thing, I get to play with the compound miter saw. I love this saw!

I have two octagonal wall clocks in my Etsy shop, and about a dozen more octagonal glass pieces in my workshop that I want to turn into clocks. To make them more versatile, I am making solid poplar stands so they can sit on a table or a shelf as well.

These stands are my own design. The clock hangs from a dowel at the top of a cantilevered arm and then rests on a little triangle piece on the base. That is a ready to be mosaiced clock modeling the new stand in the picture (of course).

I matched the shape of the base to the clock shape. I want these to be sturdy so I used two 1-1/2" brass screws and wood glue to attach the cantilevered arm from underneath. I'll add felt pieces to the underside of the base to protect furniture. I used a little dowel to secure the little triangles to the base.
I'll do a custom finish on each to match it's clock. For the flower clock, I'll use clear varnish and for the citrus clock, look for it for sale with a white stand. I should be able to get these listed by Monday. (But, if you like one as a wall clock, feel free to purchase now :) through Etsy.)

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The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

You are very brave and must be quite handy with tools. I wish you the very best success.