Monday, October 8, 2007

WIP- Rainbow Fish Clock

I've been working on this fish all weekend and he is coming out so fun and funky I wanted to share.

At this stage he is all pieced and glued down with thin-set.

And now I'm waiting for inspiration for how to piece the background. I have a nice piece of streaky blue/white that might work. My first thought had been a dark watery blue but it just seemed too dark and dreary for this fun guy.

A while back I was playing with shapes in my sketch book and doodled this fish looking at the clock in his belly. Fish are just such a classic thing to mosaic but I put off doing this one because I try to make my work unique and different.

He just kept calling to me so, with a few design tweaks inspired by a photo of Pumpkinseed fish (who knew there was such a cool looking fish in nature??), he is now coming to be.

He has great over sized eyes made from glass glob squiggles and 300+ 1/4 inch scales in a rainbow of colors. My favorite are the iridescent turquoise ones sprinkled in the top half. His face is pieced from scrap multicolor glass I had that went just right.


Kat said...

Very fun clock! I am interested in seeing the finished product too! Be sure to show us when he's all done!

MadeByAmanda said...

That's so fun. Looks very complex. I like how you made it to resemble a real fish!

Angela said...

How neat to see the process. I'm glad to discover your blog--- you're so talented!