Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Egret WIP

This is the first official WIP post for my egret mosaic. He is moving along slowly because, well, I must be a bit insane to use such tiny pieces. I find at this stage I can only work on him for an hour at a time.
Click on the picture for enlarged view.

The feathers are made from hand-nipped bits of vitreous glass in five shades from white through grey- I blogged about them earlier. The tiles in the photo are unglazed porcelain and I plan at the moment to use them for the beach background. The orange stained glass is for his beak- thanks Judy, that is a good match to his real color!


This mosaic is part of my personal collection. You can view it here:
Prints are available from my page at Fine Art America:
I also create original design silver jewelry:

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cconz said...

wow!! i can't wait to see this when it's done. All that work pays off with the finished piece. Love your work. I'll keep checking for the finish.