Monday, May 5, 2008


Last month I went to the SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists) Annual Conference in Miami. I had a bit of fun with the raffle and won 25 pounds of mixed vitreous glass tile- thanks WitsEnd Mosaic!! Now I did not take a picture, but let me assure you that this is a LOT of tile- especially when it is spread out on my dining room table to organize ('mixed' is code for 'you sort') .

I've mostly used stained glass for my mosaics to this point but the thrifty in me MUST find a creative way to use this tile. And it is beautiful. Lots of shades of white through grey/black, lots of shades of blue and green and browns. And really cool iridescent and metallic flecked tiles.

I have decided to mosaic the egret I took a picture of last fall:

Here is the frame I made ready to begin. I gridded a print out of my photo, and also the board so I can get an accurate sketch to start. I've been playing with different background ideas in my little sketchbook.

But before I start on this project, I wanted to play a bit with the tile to see how it cuts. I found this sketch I had done.

I used a piece of hardibacker board and thin-set mortar for glue. The red and plum colors are stained glass and the remainder is vitreous glass tiles.

I titled this "Whirl'. I made the sketch when I was extremely angry- we won't go into why. But the title is simply Whirl. Could be a whirl of emotions or a whirl wind or...

Grouted in white. I think the white grout makes it look less angry than my sketch. I wonder if I would have made a different choice in whirl colors and grout color if I had been angry when I pieced the mosaic? Hmm. Mosaicing makes me happy so that one will remain unanswered. I'll wait a couple days for the grout to cure. Then seal the grout and paint the edges and back white.


Patrice said...

Awesome piece, Linda!!

Smashgirl said...

Love it and love the story behind it! I think if you grouted while you were angry, then it would be black grout? I bet this will sell quick!