Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New (old) tool for breaking curves in stained glass

Some times the 'old fashioned' way really is easier and better. Case in point the old stand-by (oil less) glass cutter . I have one of these but the constant need to dip the cutter end in oil had it sitting in a drawer as a backup only.

What I had not fully appreciated was the wonderful efficiency of the ball end for breaking out curved score lines. Especially long score lines. So simple, so quick. Just hold a corner of the glass with either fingers or pliers, tap that ball end on the underside of your score line and be sure to have that glass over a table because it will break beautifully along that line most wonderfully and unexpectedly almost every time. Or did everyone know this and I am the last?

I suppose my only excuse is that often I work with tiny pieces and it is not as much use in that case but I can assure you that this simple tool will no longer be relegated to the dark corners of a drawer but will have a home on my work desk.

Just to be fair, I do have another good tool, a type of running plier, for breaking out curves and will still use this on smaller pieces of glass.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very cool, almost foolproof, way to break out a curved score line. I use this method for most of my 'scariest' cuts. I use my rubber-tipped running pliers as I don't have a cutter with the ball on the end.

I enjoy your blogs..... great tips!