Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who Recycled, a Glass Mosaic Owl Portrait

'Who Recycled'
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I recently completed this 6" x 6" framed glass mosaic for Lin Schorr's Sept 2012 Auction benefiting Doctor's Without Border's.
The frame inspired this piece and was found at a local fundraising sale. It likely was a sample frame for a frame shop.
The owl is from a photo I took of the one who lives at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. The pose and texture went nicely with the frame.
Continuing the recycled theme, the substrate is from a piece of scrap hardibacker concrete board that otherwise might have been thrown away. The owl glass is all from little scrap bits and the background is nipped from wine bottles.

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Although the original "Who Recycled" has sold, a print is available on my page at Fine Art America:

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Mo said...

Beautifully done! The circles nipped from wine bottles make a lovely background.