Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Mosaic Art Butterfly WIP

Butterfly measures about 9" x 5" and is pieced from stained glass. Working title is "Silent Beauty". Finished mosaic will measure about 10 3/4" x 7".  {Odd size, yup. I've a few of these odd sized small boards on hand. Might make a related series with them. And then move on to using standard sizes that can be easily framed!}

I started this project last month and then stalled while I pondered how to approach the background (earlier WIP picture in previous post).

Next up: Transfer this to a piece of concrete board. Right now it is assembled on clear contact paper and you are looking at the right side. I'll glue paper to the face, remove the contact paper from the back, glue the butterfly to the concrete board then remove the glued paper.

The idea is that the butterfly will have a beautiful smooth texture and the background will be more highly textured for contrast.  I've decided to use smalti for the background. That should give it a nicely textured look and the uniform material will not detract too much from the focal. And I get to play with smalti :)


lavieenrosemosaics said...

I absolutely love the subtlety of the colours you're using on this butterfly. Can't wait to see the smalti background and the colours you choose to work with! Beautiful work.

Linda Pieroth Smith said...

Thank you Ros! Actually I've just finished :) I need to write a blog post about it still, but have posted a picture on my 'Linda Pieroth Smith Mosaics' Facebook Page: