Monday, June 9, 2014

How to Make: Homemade Shield for a Glass Grinder

When I rearranged by work space recently, I moved my glass grinder. Better location in most respects, with the big exception of an electrical outlet right behind the new location. Directly in the path of the lubricating water spatter!

My solution was to modify a large IKEA Trofast storage bin.

I turned the bin upside down and sat it on the lid. Using a red grease pencil, I drew in cutting lines. About 3" up from the new bottom and about 4.5" into each side. I also cut out the depression in the new top area (previous bottom of the bin).

My Dremel tool, with a cutting wheel, worked quite well to modify the bin. Make sure you use eye protection! Some melted bits of plastic did go flying.
After cutting, I was left with just the re-enforced rim from the former bottom of the bin.  This worked out quite well height-wise to hold up the face shield. I used to have a problem with it sagging.

I had a chance to try it out in action, finally, with this project ==>

This is the 'vision' project I have mentioned a few times. The idea first came to me over three years ago. At which time I made the 3D board for it and cut up the black/iridescent penny round tiles (tray at left in photo).

This past winter I cut up the color graduation pieces of stained glass. And created the Fade Series of clocks using the excess.

Title: Reaching

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