Tuesday, May 19, 2015

MosaicSmith Makes Jewelry Too!

Looking at my blog, you'd think I've not been creative in quite a while. But, far from it! I've just taken a turn in direction.  And it took me a while to determine if this turn was a short side trip or a long journey in my creative adventures. I'm thinking I'm in for a long enjoyable ride! I hope you'll join me!!

Glance through my mosaic work and you'll see I often work small. Very small! And you will also see the introduction of metal in the form of copper enamel. I have now ventured further into metal and have been working primarily with silver recently.  Many of the same nature themes are cropping up in my jewelry. Flowers and leaves, sailboats and birds... Small, wearable art!

Available pieces are listed on my MosaicSmith website.

Image shows hand with five sterling silver and gemstone handcrafted rings.
Sterling Silver and Gemstone Handcrafted Rings

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