Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mosaic Welcome Sign

A little bit of the process of making a mosaic:

This time I just started with an idea in my head- no picture or sketch- just "Hmm, I haven't made a welcome sign in a while." So I pulled out a piece of concrete board (already prepped with Tee Nuts for hanging) and pulled down some bits to play. I have PLENTY of bits, lol. I save even little teeny bits. See that colorful section in the first picture? I also have a LOT of plastic containers with color sorted pieces leftover from other projects. That's where the glass for the letters came from. See the second photo. Lots of nice long skinny pieces there already. Perfect for lettering.

I penciled in letters based on the size of the glass and sketched on the board until it looked right. Yellow came in from pieces I cut but didn't use for my Interloper Clock . Then I guess I had my previous welcome sign in my head because I pulled out leftover bits saved from that project. Add in a few more colors of glass for shading to white plus little black freshwater pearl beads and I was on my way.

mosaic welcome sign

Last picture shows finished mosaic grouted in warm grey. I also painted the edge and back with a deep green exterior paint. I like to work on concrete board since it is so weather friendly compared to wood.

*This sign has sold. 
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heelers said...

Nicely put together.
James (in Ireland)

goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

VieiraGirl said...

Love the Welcome! I like the progressive pics!

kim* said...

so beautiful

Leen said...

Great job, it came out beautiful!

Smashgirl said...

Hi Linda, this is a beautiful sign!
You've been tagged by me:)
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