Monday, October 13, 2008

Mosaic Fact: Bits Multiply - Making of a Glass Mosaic Clock

I, and I suspect every mosaic artist, have an bottomless collection of glass bits.

My thrifty nature compels me to save them. Larger bits get tossed in labeled plastic containers by color and small, even tiny, bits get tossed in a shoebox lid. I've had that lid on my work table for a while and have mentioned it before. Still looks much the same even a year later. Weird.

Occasionally I'll set out to use as many of this bits as I can in a mosaic and my 'River Sunset' clock is the result of my latest effort:

That largest red boulder was the inspiration for this entire piece. I found it just the way you see it in the shoebox lid - don't recall what project I nipped it roundish for then rejected it but I think it worked perfectly here. Just was waiting for its time. Ha, lol, didn't intend the pun :)

This clock is in my personal collection.

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kim* said...

i dont how you do it! it is amazing thanks for sharing the process. it truly is a blessing seeing it before my eyes.

Eileen said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I also have boxes of stained glass pieces. Unlike you thought I don't do much with them!

eeniemoni said...

gorgeous. I've always wanted to learn stained glass.
You do beautiful work