Friday, December 26, 2008

Poured Concrete House Number Mosaics

Who knew: playing with concrete is like a grown up version of playing with mud pies. Just more durable and prettier too.

First I custom designed and built the mold. It is sized so the finished house number 'brick' will fit in a flat rate mailing box. I used double ended screws and wing nuts for easy assembly/disassembly. Varnished well with spar varnish.

Then the design was pieced, in reverse, on contact paper and placed in the mold. For this one I continued the design around the edge.

A few additional designs:


Usually my work is one-of-a-kind but for these I created reproducible patterns that can be used for 1-4 numbers.
Edit: November 2013 - I am not currently creating house numbers, nor doing custom work.  Too many other ideas in my head!!

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Currently you will find a wide array of original design silver jewelry as well as mosaic art and mosaic clock. Life's a journey and I am excited to learn new skills along the way :)