Monday, March 9, 2009

Glow in the Dark Tiles

I recently purchased some glow in the dark tiles from Maryland Mosaics. (Edit: 7/2016 They don't seem to carry this exact tile, though they do have a glow tile- not sure if it would work the same.) These are the coolest tiles! Not only do they glow but the glow is through the tile. The tiles are thicker than most stained glass- about 3/16" thick- with a very flat bottom. So far I have been using them like mini smalti pizzas and cutting slivers off with my wheeled cutters to place on end in my mosaics.

Closeup of a light switch cover in progress showing the cut tile placed with the riven edge up:

For the moon in the above picture, the 'hair' was pieced using the smooth, shiny tile surface and the remainder was pieced with bits of riven tile for a highly textured look. (Mouth is a piece of white iridescent glass.)

The mosaics pictured above have sold.
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Dirt. said...

how cool is that?! i hadn't seen these before. and your pendants... i'm really diggin those as well!