Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mosaic Geranium Leaves

Before I forget, and in case anyone else wants to make a mosaic geranium plant :)), I'd better write out the how to on the geranium leaves, so here goes:

1. Start with a strip of tone on tone variegated green about 1 1/4 inched wide. Use the glass scorer to section this into triangles. *Be sure to place all the triangles back in order.

2. Pull out eight triangles from the top of the strip and arrange in a circle shape.
3. Use a real leaf, or a photo, as guidelines and mark (sharpie marker) additional sections and refine the outer leaf shape.
4. Use wheeled nippers to cut sections and nip the leaf shape. Again- be very careful to keep the leaf sections together in order.
5. Tape sections together from the front.
For this plant I made eight leaves using this method. Then arranged them and cut away, using wheeled nippers, the under laying portions of the leaves. After gluing with thin-set mortar the masking tape is removed.


The geranium leaves were used in my "Curious Neighbor" Egret Bird mosaic. 
This mosaic is part of my personal collection. You can view it here: 

Prints are available from my page at Fine Art America:


floweringmoon said...

Wow Linda. Thanks for sharing another great tip! This is coming out gorgeous!

Michele said...


You are a talented mosaic artist and an inspiration to me. It is so nice of you to share the steps so that others can join us in the fun world of mosaics!