Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sweet love

My new mosaic was inspired by my cat, Shadow. She is a very sweet kitty and I have often thought that she not only has a heart shaped face but that her body echoed that heart while laying in this position. Hence the theme. Stained glass on MDF. 10 3/4" x 13 1/2"

And a slide show of the process of creating this mosaic:


Christine Burgess said...

You already know I love this mosaic! It shows so nicely on your blog too. Interesting to see some of the steps involved in creating it.

folkfiddle said...

Gorgeous mosaic kitty!
And thank you so much for sharing the process!

Katie Waller

Anna said...

I love this!! I especially love how you did the hearts; it looks very similar to the quilting technique of strip-piecing. Thanks so much for the slideshow; it's inspiring!

domosaics said...

Linda- your work is so unbelievable ! You should be so proud of this piece ! Way to go !

Brit Hammer said...

I agree with Anna. I really love the way you did the heart background. There's a lovely rhythm to it - the strips forming shapes. Also, the value of colors is different enough so that each individual color can be seen yet close enough so they read as one and don't compete with the main figure. Also, the nuance of the stained glass works beautifully to give visual texture. Beautifully done. Would enjoy seeing you develop the quilt-strip way of working further!

Best wishes,