Friday, October 11, 2013

More Mixed-Media Mosaics - Playing with Enamels

Catching up the blog with a few pieces not mentioned here already. (But if you follow me on Facebook, these may be old news. And, if you don't, why not?? :D )  Link to my Facebook page is right over there. ==>

I have been continuing to play with the enamels and torch. Really love this process!!

Most recently, I completed several mosaics in my "Interloper" series. These are all based on photos I took this summer on a visit to Tybee Island, Georgia.
"Interlopers", "Morning", "Lost"
Small ones measure 5" x 5" and middle one measures 5" x 17" overall (each section is 3" x 5") Each includes hand-cut copper torch-enameled elements.

The top one, called "Interlopers" has been donated to fundraiser for Arts Council of Hillsborough County. 

The middle compilation is called "Morning" and the bottom is called "Lost". These two are available on my Etsy site currently. (See 'Purchase' tab above.)   Edit: These have sold.

All my available mosaic art:

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I also completed a desk clock featuring a couple of my torch enameled pieces, including a whimsical...bird. Definitely a theme with me lately!
"The Early Bird Catches the Worm" - Desk Clock
Clock measures about 5" x 8" and, in addition to the funky bird, features a custom clock minute hand in the shape of a worm. A tiny flying bird and three millifiori flowers denote the 12,3,6&9 hours. I had fun with this piece! 
All my available clocks: 

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While I was playing with the torch to make the clock elements, I also created a few necklace pendants. Yup, these are available in my too! 
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Currently, I am working on several pieces, WIP pictures soon.  I will be part of a three women Mixed-Media Show at our regional library in November and December.  More on that later too.

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