Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shell Mosaic Bird and a Gallery Show

Last weekend I finished a new mosaic wall art piece just in time for it to be included in a gallery show. The inspiration for this piece was a photo I took of an Egret bird who visited a waterfront gathering I attended this summer. He (she?) sure seemed interested in our event, though perhaps because there was food involved! 
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 The bird is pieced from sections of shells mostly found locally here in Florida. My Dremel was instrumental in shaping these shells. If you try this technique, I recommend wearing a dust mask and doing this outside!! The background is mostly stained glass but with a section of stone pieces depicting the sea wall.

The gallery show this piece is included in is at the Crawford Gallery in our regional library, It is a Painting and Mixed Media theme show with three artists. Myself, Jeanine Tatlock, a student who showed works in a variety of media, and Harriet Rollitt, a paper collage artist.

Artist Linda Pieroth Smith (right)

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